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Bankruptcy Lawyer Services in Brainerd, MN

If you’re facing financial difficulties in the Brainerd area, you should receive legal counsel from bankruptcy lawyers.

At Heller & Thyen P.A., we know that every person’s financial situation is different, so we make sure to learn everything about you before recommending how you should proceed with your case. Our legal team will give free consultations in which they determine whether filing for bankruptcy may be necessary based on the information you give during this meeting – no strings attached!

Filing for bankruptcy in Brainerd is a very difficult decision that can have lifelong consequences. Luckily, our attorneys are here to help you make an informed choice about your future by filing under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in order to pay off debts without suffering wage garnishment or repossession of property; we’ll guide you through the entire process and provide support throughout!

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When you need to file for bankruptcy in Brainerd, your legal team should always be by your side. The skilled and caring professionals at Heller & Thyen will provide responsive and friendly services that meet all of our valued clients’ needs!

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    We’ve been representing individuals and companies in Brainerd for over twenty years. You can count on us because we value each person as an individual, which means that our clients are never “just business” to us!

    Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Brainerd? Get the help you deserve with Heller & Thyen! We’ve been protecting people from all walks of life for years, and we’ll use what’s best in class when it comes to your case. Call us today for proficient bankruptcy lawyer services in the Brainerd area!

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