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If you’re contemplating filing for bankruptcy due to mounting debts, you should obtain counsel from bankruptcy lawyers.

Filing for bankruptcy might feel like the only way to go when your financial situation starts falling apart. However, there are other options available that can help you manage your debts and stay afloat in this rough economy. At Heller & Thyen P A., we make sure our clients know about these alternatives before deciding on what will work best with them. We offer free consultations during which time our attorneys will determine whether filing for bankruptcy will be necessary based upon our client’s needs.

For many people in Kimball, bankruptcy is a scary thought. They may be hesitant about what will happen after filing for bankruptcy and question whether doing so will help them to get their finances straight. Our experienced attorneys are here so that no matter which route you choose – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 – you won’t have to worry because we’ve got everything covered from start to finish.

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Hiring the right lawyer for your bankruptcy case is extremely important because they will have your back through the whole process. With Heller & Thyen, you can count on customer-first service that meets all of your legal needs!

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    We have been providing devoted care to our clients in Kimball for over twenty years and will continue working hard to get the best results for our clients. Every client deserves a lawyer who knows them like family, which is why our lawyers here at Heller & Thyen take the time to build personal relationships with our clients and understand all of their needs as we navigate your bankruptcy case together.

    Filing for bankruptcy can seem like an overwhelming process, but our legal team at Heller & Thyen makes it easy. Give us a call today for the greatest bankruptcy lawyer services in the Kimball area!

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