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Bankruptcy Lawyer Services in Melrose, MN

If you’re going through financial struggles in the Melrose area, you should seek legal advice from bankruptcy lawyers who can help you out of debt.

Heller & Thyen P.A. knows that every client has their own unique story, and we take time to hear them out before we offer any counsel. You can schedule a free consultation with our attorneys to educate us on your financial situation so that we can advise you on if we believe that filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Filing for bankruptcy can prevent creditors from accosting you with repossession and wage garnishment, making it easier for you to escape debt. If you agree that filing for bankruptcy is your best course of action, our lawyers can help you file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We stay in frequent communication with our clients during the filing process to ensure you’re comfortable with every legal move we make.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Providing Expert Counsel For You

If paying off your debts feels insurmountable, you need an accomplished legal team to help get you back on your feet. At Heller & Thyen, we provide premium legal services to help all of our clients in Melrose remedy their financial difficulties.

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    We’ve spent twenty years building our reputation in Melrose as bankruptcy lawyers who can always be relied on. Larger law firms may only give you the time of day if they think they can make a profit but our attorneys will always provide first class service to you as you file for bankruptcy.

    It can be scary to file for bankruptcy on your own but teaming up with our skilled lawyers will make the process feel easy. Get in contact with Heller & Thyen P.A. today for the premier bankruptcy lawyer services in the Melrose area!

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