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Car Accident Attorney Las Vegas

If you have any expertise about a car accident settlement, you understand that determining the person at fault is a critical yet challenging part of the process. The one in question may refute all claims of their role in the accident. The process becomes more twisted if there were more than two motor vehicles at the scene.

The aftermath of a car accident is not one for dismissal or mediocre handling. Victims facing long term recovery periods should consider hiring a car accident attorney in Las Vegas to assist in setting a fair settlement. Damages and compensation from a car accident will vary depending on the following variables:

  • The level of negligence by the driver
  • The seriousness of the sustained injuries
  • The sum of medical bills incurred by the victim
  • Impact of the damages on other areas of the victim’s life, such as the ability to work.
  • The emotional distress on the victim.

A car accident attorney in Las Vegas will help your settlement process by applying the necessary legal play. The claim could become yet another drawn out and painful process if you do not have a proficient legal team. GGRM will follow the standard settlement process and prove worthwhile in speeding it up and granting you the necessary coverage.

How an attorney will conduct the settlement process

Pursuing a settlement is more than submitting a claim of negligence. The entire process goes through the following stages:

  • An investigation
  • Negotiation among the involved parties
  • A trial in case of a failed negotiation


The research before a car settlement is usually under the supervision of the negligent driver’s insurance firm. Our attorneys will work with their legal team to verify all evidence available. The insurer might add additional material such as extra photos to support the claim. The following are documents, which will be necessary during the investigation process:

  • The official police report
  • Photographs of the scene and the vehicles involved.
  • Account from witnesses
  • The medical records of the incurred injuries
  • The drivers’ claims
  • Evidence of the incurred financial damages


This process includes having lengthy consultations with experts of car accidents and physical injury professionals. The doctor will substantiate claims of the injuries, and an accident reconstruction specialist will repaint the scene of the crash. The gathered information will help GGRM attorneys place a number on the deserved settlement claim.

Most accident claims do not make it to the trial stage. The car accident attorney in Las Vegas will advise you on whether you should accept the settlement. Do not be in a rush to settle the case without getting a satisfying quotation on the agreement.


This step is only necessary if both parties cannot agree on the settlement offer. The parties may take the case to court before beginning a negotiation process if they do not have a standard view of which driver is at fault. The court will listen to both attorneys and evaluate the presented evidence to quote the proper compensation. GGRM will guide you through all processes of a settlement with unwavering professionalism.



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