Minnesota Bankruptcy Law Firm

Our bankruptcy attorneys take the time to get the full story and explore all of your options. We don’t automatically force you into bankruptcy. Many times we are able to provide creative options that you may have never considered.

If bankruptcy is your best option, our team is very efficient at getting each case prepared both accurately and promptly. We also have very good relationships with our trustees, so we are able to solve problems as they arise by working well with the trustee’s office.

In many cases, we will file on your behalf for relief under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the United States bankruptcy code. Bankruptcy can stop a sheriff sale, wage garnishment and vehicle repossession, in addition to providing you a fresh start.

Bankruptcy will allow you to discharge or eliminate your obligation to pay most debts, including but not limited to credit cards, medical bills, unsecured bank loans, payday loans, legal fees and other similar debts.


Robert Thyen – Over 20 years experience helping 1000’s of clients

A bankruptcy lawyer can help you to:


Get a fresh start,
Eliminate debts,
Keep your house and car,
Ease stress and tension,
Stop creditor 
Stop Garnishment & Bank Levies


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