Minnesota Slip and Fall Attorneys

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of litigated casualties in the United States. They can sometimes be so serious that they result in injuries requiring expensive and extensive medical treatment. Common injuries from falling include fractured legs, ankles and arms.  Some severe breaks even require surgery.  Head injuries are also common. Consulting a personal injury lawyer after a slip and fall can help to determine if you are eligible for compensation due to the negligence of a property or business owner.

What Circumstances Can Lead to Slips and Falls?

A slip and fall injury happens when the dangerous condition of another person’s property causes someone to lose their balance and fall to the ground. As such, there are as many types of slip and fall accidents as there are places they can occur. Some of the most common places people slip and fall include:


We Help Dog Bite Victims Recover

Being attacked by a dog can be a terrifying and traumatic experience, and can cause significant injury. Every year, dogs bite over four million people in the United States, and over one million of those victims end up needing medical treatment. As personal injury attorneys who have represented numerous victims, we understand your situation and can provide skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate representation. At Heller & Thyen, P.A., we’re here to help you get the care and compensation you need.


Car Accident Injury Legal Claims

We all know that auto accidents happen. It comes with the territory when you’re driving down the road at anywhere from 25-65 miles per hour (or more), along with everybody else. Even if you’re a cautious and responsible driver, there’s no accounting for every other car on the road. Plenty of drivers succumb to distraction, drive under the influence, or simply screw up. It happens.

When you’re heading to work, running errands, or going to visit a friend, you may suddenly find yourself at the mercy of someone who’s texting and driving. Perhaps it’s someone who didn’t get enough sleep last night, or who decided to run that red light or roll through the stop sign. Whether you’re doing everything right or you hold equal blame for causing an accident, you could find yourself dealing with an injury and mounting medical bills.


Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Most of us never receive any formal instruction in finance, and so it’s no surprise that so many adults at some point find themselves in financial straits. If you’re lucky, you learn your lesson early on and you’re able to repair any damage you’ve caused in short order. Maybe you overextend with a low-limit credit card, but over the course of several months you pay it off and you solemnly resolve to be more careful with credit in the future.


Consider Chapter 13

Most people who are considering bankruptcy only look at Chapter 7. It is by far the most common type of bankruptcy that is filed and usually what people are referring to when they think of the term ‘bankruptcy.’ You are in and out of bankruptcy in just a few months, most debts are discharged and, with very generous exemptions (protections of certain property) available, most people do not lose any property. However, by looking only at Chapter 7, people sometimes overlook the powerful features of Chapter 13. (more…)

Beware the National Student Loan Help Scams

As many of our readers are aware, we assist people with their student loans. There are programs that are available to make student loan payments affordable. We help our clients evaluate whether they qualify for the programs and, if so, help decide what programs are best for them and even assist in preparing (more…)