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Are you navigating complex legal matters in Center City?

Legal systems are designed to serve as guardians of our individual rights and liberties, but understanding the intricacies of the law can be a formidable task for many. When legal hurdles loom large, it becomes imperative to ally with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in Center City.

Unwavering Commitment to Your Legal Needs

Heller & Thyen, P.A., stands as the most trusted law firm in Center City. We house a team of outstanding lawyers who are unwavering in our mission to represent clients’ interests. Whether you are on the defensive, advocating for justice, or seeking resolutions to pressing disputes, our team is right there by your side.

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Our lawyers practice the following areas of law in Center City:

  • Bankruptcy: Streamline your bankruptcy proceedings under the guidance of our astute attorneys.
  • Criminal Defense: Entrust your defense to our accomplished defense lawyers when accused of any crime.
  • Family Law: Tread through the delicate terrains of family law, from marital separations to child custody intricacies, with our dedicated legal counselors.
  • Personal Injury: Our tenacious legal team will champion your rights to just compensation after injurious accidents.
  • Landlord/Tenant Law: Our seasoned legal expertise can help you to bridge landlord-tenant disputes with tact and legality.

Center City’s Finest Legal Services

Position yourself with a formidable legal ally who fights for you inside and outside the courtroom. Call Heller & Thyen, P.A., today for top-quality law services in the Center City area!


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“Heller and Thyen were very informative in helping me decide what type of bankruptcy to file and how the process works. I will recommend them to anyone who needs financial help.”


“Robb was very professional about my case and treated me like a real person who needed help. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.” –


“Heller & Thyen were truly wornderful to work with! It’s so helpful to have always lawyers that truly care about the people who they are working with.”