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During a case, the judge will require you to attempt settling with the opposing party before a trial will be scheduled. The most common way for cases to be settled is through mediation. Mediation is the process of enlisting the help of an experienced attorney who is an expert in family law and understands how a judge will view the various issues. This process is not only able to save valuable time and money during a dispute, but it gives the parties satisfaction as they are more involved in the decision being made. During the mediation process, it’s very helpful to have someone who holds a neutral position, a mediator, to evaluate each person’s claims and attempt to come to a voluntary agreement, rather than have the court make the decision.

As an experienced family law attorney and Mediator in the St. Cloud area, J.R. Spangler understands the issues of mediation and the remarkable value of reaching a mutual agreement. He understands the importance of listening to each party’s needs and creating an amicable solution to bridge the gap of dispute.

Expert Mediation Attorneys

It is important to understand that the Mediator does not make decisions or give legal advice. That is the job of your lawyer. Rather, it is the job of the Mediator to be a neutral third party in order to help each party define and understand the issues of dispute. The Mediator will then try to help the parties come to an agreement which is in the best interest of their respective families.

J.R. Spangler has been working as a family law professional in the St. Cloud area for over fifteen years and has worked on all ends of the spectrum of family law matters. He understands the conflict each party feels during the process of disrupting the lives of a family with legal action. Over the years he has worked on hundreds of cases and utilizes this experience when talking to the parties during mediation to help them come to a successful agreement.

If you’re currently needing mediation services in the greater St. Cloud area, contact J.R. Spangler and the team at Heller & Thyen, P.A. today!

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