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The importance of properly establishing child support cannot be overstated. While Minnesota uses specific guidelines and a child support calculator to arrive at final figures, there are many factors that impact the final result. For child support cases, courts will consider the income levels of the parents, number of joint children, number of children from other relationships, medical costs, dental costs, health insurance costs, daycare costs, spousal support and the amount of visitation/parenting time.

At Heller & Thyen, P.A., our child support lawyers and staff have extensive experience in this technical area. We understand in order to get the best result, we need to be sure the court has all the information to determine a correct ruling. Our lawyers work alongside you so you’re able confidently understand the issues of your case and how your personal factors fit within the Minnesota guidelines.

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When your child support was originally set, things may have been very different in your life. It is also important to understand the ever-changing nature of child support laws in Minnesota. In order to best understand the current child support laws of today, it’s important to work with an attorney well-versed in the current law and obligations such as Heller & Thyen, P.A. Our attorneys are constantly monitoring legislative changes and judicial decisions that impact your case. If your current support order is not based on current laws or is otherwise not accurately reflecting your current living situation, financial obligations and income, we can help you modify your support order.

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