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A disorderly conduct charge is very broad and can be applied to a large number of situations. Basically, it is charged when an individual does some form of behavior with reason to know that it: (1) involves brawling or fighting with another; (2) disturbs or interrupts a lawful assembly or meeting; or (3) involves behavior of various types that reasonably tends to cause anger, alarm or resentment to others.

This charge is often used by police and prosecutors to go along with other charges. It requires showing that the person knew, or had reason to know, that their behavior fits into one of the three above definitions.

Disorderly Conduct is most often a Misdemeanor offense, meaning it is punishable by jail up to 90 days, a $1000.00 fine or both. However, if the act is done by a caregiver to a person who is deemed to be “vulnerable” under Minnesota statute, it can be charged as a Gross Misdemeanor punishable by jail up to one year, a $3000.00 fine, or both.

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