Criminal Defense: Brainerd, MN

Criminal Defense Law in Brainerd, MN

Have you been accused of a felony or a misdemeanor in Brainerd? Get the representation you need from our criminal defense lawyers!

When you become the subject of a criminal investigation, your constitutional rights will be jeopardized. But the law is on your side, and a talented defense attorney can provide you with the best criminal defense in Brainerd.

Criminal Defense Lawyers You Can Count On

At Heller & Thyen, our criminal defense lawyers use the law as a tool to defend our clients in Brainerd from criminal charges. We’ll make sure that law enforcement and the prosecution respect your rights as we advise and represent you, both in court and out of it.

Our criminal defense attorneys will represent you if you’ve been accused of a felony, misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor. We commonly represent clients who have been accused of the following crimes:

• Property crimes, including arson, theft, burglary, trespassing and criminal damage

• Violent crimes, including homicide, kidnapping, stalking, assault and domestic assault

• Sexual crimes, including prostitution, solicitation, criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography

• Vehicular crimes, including vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and any other criminal vehicular operation

• Disorderly conduct, drug sales or possession, and any other crimes

Are You Looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brainerd?

Whatever the charges against you, our defense attorneys will advocate tirelessly for your rights. Reach out to Heller & Thyen today if you need the finest criminal defense legal services in the Brainerd area!

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