Solicitation of Prostitution

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Are you currently in a situation where you need a reliable prostitution solicitation defense attorney? Here at Heller & Thyen, P.A., our expert criminal defense lawyers in St. Cloud will fight for your rights.

In Minnesota, it is a crime to offer money to engage in sexual contact with another person. Sexual contact includes intercourse, oral sex or fondling. It is very important to understand that actually engaging in sexual contact is not necessary to be charged with the crime. The crime occurs when the State obtains evidence that the offer for sexual contact is made. This is most often accomplished when the person completes text message or telephone exchanges to arrange for the sexual contact. The arrest generally occurs when that person shows up at the agreed upon time and place, even though no sexual contact occurs.

A first offense is generally a Misdemeanor, meaning it is punishable by 90 days in jail, a $1000.00 fine or both. But, if it is a second offense within two years of a prior conviction, the charge can be a Gross Misdemeanor. The punishment for this charge can be one year in jail, a $3000.00 fine or both. It can also be a Gross Misdemeanor if the arranged location is a “public” place such as a motel.

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If you are charged with this crime, it is very important that you have an experienced prostitution solicitation defense attorney on your side. At Heller & Thyen, P.A., we have expert defense attorneys and team members available with the experience in negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss the charges depending on a full review of all the circumstances. Our experience is what you need to get the best result possible.

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