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Having to face members of your own family in a legal battle can be stressful and upsetting. Thankfully, the experienced and compassionate lawyers at Heller & Thyen can help you win your case. We’re well-versed in every aspect of family law and will support you throughout the process.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

At Heller & Thyen, we know how difficult facing your own family in court can be. We can support you with a range of family legal matters in Albany, such as:

• Alimony – If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, we can aid you if there’s a dispute about spousal maintenance payments.

• Child Custody & Divorce – The most difficult aspect of any divorce is the dispute over child custody. Our lawyers can help you secure legal custody of your children.

• Child Support – Our attorneys can help you negotiate an equitable child support settlement if your former spouse has instigated a legal challenge.

• Grandparent Rights – If you’re trying to win custody or visitation rights to keep in touch with your grandchildren, we can help you secure the right to see them.

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    • Mediation – Our dedicated legal team can help you mediate and settle any disputes that may follow if your marriage has recently dissolved. This can help you avoid a stressful trial in court.

    • Paternity – If there’s a dispute regarding paternity, we can help you prove your paternity or disprove a false paternity claim.

    • And a range of other family legal services!

    Reliable Family Law Specialists in Albany

    If you’re having to take members of your own family to court, allow experienced lawyers to make the process less arduous. Give Heller & Thyen a call today for the most trusted family law services in the Albany area!

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