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Do you need family legal services in Annandale?

Legal cases can be difficult and stressful at the best of times, but especially when they involve members of your own family. That’s where the legal team at Heller & Thyen comes in. We’ll support you during a family legal case in Annandale to achieve a favorable outcome.

Dedicated Family Law Specialists

At Heller & Thyen, our attorneys can help you win family law cases in Annandale, involving:

• Alimony – We can help you settle legal challenges over maintenance payments between you and your former spouse.

• Child Custody & Divorce – In the event of divorce, child custody is a major concern. Our dedicated lawyers can help you win custody of your children.

• Child Support – We can help you negotiate equitable and fair child support payments with a former spouse.

• Grandparent Rights – Our legal specialists can help you secure the right to visit or even take custody of your grandchildren.

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    • Mediation – We can help you mediate or settle legal disputes that result from the dissolution of your marriage, helping you to avoid a difficult courtroom trial.

    • Paternity – Our experienced lawyers can help you prove or disprove any paternity claims challenged by a former spouse or partner.

    • And many other family law services!

    Annandale’s Leading Family Law Services

    If you’re facing a legal dispute with family members, you need a trusted legal team in your corner. Contact Heller & Thyen today for professional family law services in the Annandale area!

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