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Family Law Services in Becker, MN

If you’re involved in a legal dispute against a family member in Becker, you should receive counsel and support from attorneys with a background in family law.

At Heller & Thyen P.A., we understand that a legal struggle with current or former family members is always a trying experience. Our skilled and empathetic attorneys can assist you with all family law proceedings to ensure a beneficial outcome for you.

We can assist with any of these family law services in Becker:

Alimony – Our attorneys can help you settle a dispute over spousal maintenance payments following the dissolution of a marriage.

Child Custody & Divorce – Our lawyers can help you retain custody rights to your children after you end your marriage.

Child Support – Our attorneys can help you to negotiate fair child support payments with your former spouse.

Grandparent Rights – Our lawyers can help you obtain visitation or custody rights for your grandchildren.

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    Mediation – Our attorneys can help you settle any legal dispute with family members outside of court to prevent the case from going to trial.

    Paternity – Our lawyers can help you to prove that a child is or is not yours in court.

    • And all related family law services.

    Dependable Family Lawyers Advocating for You

    It’s never easy to engage in a legal battle against a family member but our savvy attorneys can provide the best legal support through every step of the proceedings. Call up Heller & Thyen P.A. today for top-tier family law services in the Becker area!

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