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Family Law Services in Clearwater, MN

If you find yourself on the opposite side of a legal case from a current or former family member in Clearwater, it would be beneficial to hire an attorney who specializes in family law.

At Heller & Thyen P.A., we understand that legal disputes between family members can be a major source of emotional distress. That’s who our attorneys are compassionate in their handling of all cases involving family law, while using their knowledge and skill to ensure the legal dispute is resolved in your favor.

We can help our clients in Clearwater with the following types of family law cases:

Child Custody & Divorce – Are you and your former spouse fighting over who should receive primary custody of your children? Our lawyers can help you win the custody battle.

Child Support – Have you been paying an excessive amount of child support or not receiving enough to provide for your children? Our attorneys can help change the payment rate.

Paternity – Do you want to prove or disprove that a child is yours or someone else’s? Our lawyers can assist you with gathering proof and presenting it.

Grandparent Rights – Have you been denied visitation or custody rights to your grandchildren? Our attorneys can help you have a more significant role in the lives of your grandchildren.

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    Alimony – Have you not been receiving sufficient spousal maintenance to make ends meet or paying too much to a former spouse? Our lawyers can take legal action to change the payment amount.

    Mediation – Do you require unbiased mediation for a legal dispute with family members? Our attorneys can sit down with you and the opposing party to help you negotiate a settlement.

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    Our Family Attorneys Can Resolve All Legal Issues

    Family law cases are often difficult but seeking counsel from the right attorneys can help you achieve the results you want. Contact Heller & Thyen P.A. today for the finest family law services in the Clearwater area!

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