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Family Law Services in Little Falls, MN

Do you urgently need family law services in Little Falls?

The family law attorneys at Heller & Thyen know just how heart-wrenching it is to battle members of your own family in a court of law. That’s why our experienced family lawyers are here to help you win your case in Little Falls.

Trustworthy Family Lawyers

At Heller & Thyen, our dedicated and supportive lawyers can help you face any kind of family-related legal case in Little Falls. Our team can support you if you’re facing disputes such as:

• AlimonyIf you’re struggling to negotiate temporary or permanent spousal maintenance payments, our family attorneys can help you secure fair payments.

• Child Custody & DivorceA dispute around child custody is an extremely sensitive issue after a divorce. Whether you’re trying to get joint-custody or single-custody, we can help you protect your children.

• Child SupportOur family lawyers are here to help you get the best result in cases dealing with child support payments.

• Grandparent RightsIf you’re trying to win custody of your grandchildren or the right to visit them, our family attorneys can help.

• MediationOur experienced family lawyers can help you settle a case with your former partner or spouse before the matter goes to a court trial.

• PaternityWe can help you uncover the truth regarding your child’s paternity, which can help strengthen your case if child custody is at issue.

And many other family law services!

The Top Family Law Services in Little Falls

When a family matter takes you to court, you need experienced and compassionate attorneys in your corner. Contact Heller & Thyen today for the most dependable family law services in the Little Falls area!

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