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Family Law Services in Nisswa, MN

Are you looking for family law services for a case in Nisswa?

Facing family members or a former spouse in court is incredibly stressful and emotional, especially in cases involving children. Heller & Thyen’s team of professional family lawyers will support you throughout your case in Nisswa.

Trusted Family Law Specialists

Heller & Thyen supports clients across Nisswa with our family law expertise. Whether it’s a paternity dispute or a divorce, our lawyers are here to help. We’ll back you up if you’re facing cases such as:

• AlimonyIf temporary or permanent spousal maintenance payments are being disputed, we can secure fair, equitable payments whether you’re the provider or the recipient.

• Child Custody & DivorceDivorce cases can be very emotional, especially if children are involved. Our family attorneys can help you win joint or single custody of your children.

• Child SupportIf you’re trying to secure or negotiate child support, we’ll help you arrange fair payments to make sure that your children get the support they need.

• Grandparent RightsOur lawyers can help you win custody or visitation rights for your grandchildren, allowing you to provide valuable emotional support.

• MediationMediation can help you avoid stressful court cases by negotiating a settlement. We’ll negotiate a fair settlement between you and your former partner.

• PaternityIf paternity is in question, Heller & Thyen’s lawyers can help you discover the truth. This can then help you negotiate child custody or support payments.

And a range of other family law services including protection orders.

Nisswa's Most Compassionate Family Lawyers

Family law cases are never easy but working with experienced and sympathetic lawyers can ease your burden. Get in touch with Heller & Thyen today for the most dependable family law services in the Nisswa area!

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