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At Heller & Thyen, P.A., we understand going through a divorce or a child custody dispute is a very serious matter for our clients. You should not have to be alone in the process. You need a family law professional to help you through the difficult process and find exceptional solutions which will best protect you, your children and your family interests.

Our team of knowledgeable family law attorneys have the appropriate skills and experience to assist you through this process. While we diligently work to resolve your legal matters in a friendly manner, issues often come up which require an experienced family law attorney who has the skill and expertise to resolve the issues you are facing while keeping the best interests of you and your children in mind.

Beginning with the initial preparation, service and filing of papers, it is critically important you have an experienced team on your side. The family law attorneys and staff at Heller & Thyen, P.A. are here to ensure your legal interests are best protected. Our expert law professionals will pursue every manner possible, including mediation, to get things done as efficiently as possible. We understand protecting your interests has the possibility of going to court in order to make your case. If this situation occurs, our team will be exceptionally prepared to represent your case.

If you’re currently needing assistance or representation from an experienced family law attorney in the St. Cloud area, contact the law experts at Heller & Thyen, P.A. today!

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